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Bye bye Page Flip

Dear users,

We are sorry to announce that we have decided to shut down our pdf to page flip conversion service. The main reason why we've made this decision is because we believe in providing a service of quality with good support, and this is not the case.

This project started as a small support tool for one of our clients. Since we thought it profitable for some other users, we decided to publish it as a free service with a simple user interface. We never expected 1 million visits and around 300.000 conversions in 4 years.

The server hardware could not keep up with such user concurrency and the conversion application was buggy resulting in too much downtime and user's frustration.

We have received thousands of emails asking for support. We tried to keep up with the answers but it truly was overwhelming. Our apologize to all the users that never received an answer.

We thought about improving the service and scaling the hardware to cover the demand. We even built some spikes using a html5 + css3 + javascript solution, but we never had enough time and resources to actually deliver something valuable.

At the same time, since mid 2009 many similar services have appeared over the internet, providing a much better application and support. We hope this helps: is an online publishing platform providing pdf to page flip conversion. provides a reliable flipping book engine. is an online flipping book software that allows you to convert PDF documents into Flash page flip digital publications.

Also: and have good solutions with user support.

Thanks for your comprehension,

CodeBox Team